Alternate Name(s)일렉시드 Eleceed
AuthorSon Jeho, Zhena
GenresAction, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
Realised in2018

« Synopsis »
Kaiden – A mysterious ability user who hides inside the body of a street cat. He is later picked up by Jiwoo after being injured after a fight with another ability user. He has a stubborn and bossy personality. Jiwoo – an energetic and talkative high school boy who loves cats. He is very kind and also seem to have a special ability.

Eleceed Manga Review

Eleceed (ilregsideu) is an action/fantasy manhwa written by Son Je-Ho, author of Noblesse and illustrated by ZHENA who also illustrated Girls of the Wild’s, Nineteen, Twenty-one and Pet Diary webtoons.

Jiwoo is a kind-hearted high school boy who harnesses the lightning fast reflexes of a cat to change lives for the better. Accompanied by Kayden, an unconventional secret agent who hides as an obese street cat.


Eleceed is a manga about people with extraordinary powers living among us all. This manhwa offers both action and comedy that appeals to people of all ages, as it follows Jiwoo Seo – a young man known for his lightning-quick reflexes and love of cats who learns he has abilities when he meets Kayden, an outlaw secret agent on the run – discovering these powers at work when together they use both their powers and intellect against evil forces.

Son Je-Ho and ZHENA have collaborated to write and illustrate this series, available both on Naver Webtoon in Korean and Webtoon in English. Their creators also worked on popular manga Noblesse and Girls of the Wild.

Though written for younger readers, this story doesn’t shy away from adult themes like death and violence; yet still maintains an upbeat tone suitable for all ages.

Eleceed features well-developed characters with distinct personalities. Jiwoo, its main protagonist, stands out as being kind and helpful despite his limited powers; a major fan of superheroes who lives by the motto ‘With great power comes great responsibility.”

Kayden, on the other hand, is a secret agent who uses his electrokinesis abilities to locate people – using both their powers and sense of humor in combatting evil forces.

Subin Lee is another notable character. She represents Baekdu at the Awakened Academy and often gets mistaken for male because of her short stature, pale skin color and matching earrings piercings that match her clothing style. Subin is one of the strongest awakened humans; on par with Jisuk Yoo in terms of strength.


Eleceed features a small population of people known as Awakened who possess superhuman abilities. Unlike superheroes, however, these people live among normal citizens and are sometimes misunderstood – yet still manage to defend humankind from those who would do them harm. Jiwoo Seo stands out among this community with his cat-like ability to heal wounds quickly while having an uncanny ability to detect danger – both qualities making Jiwoo Seo an exemplary protector who works towards making this world better by saving children or foster pets in need – however also being an outstanding fighter with his martial arts talent making him one of Eleceed’s protagonists!

Jiwoo encounters Kayden, a powerful wizard in cat form. Together they form an unlikely alliance against those seeking to control humanity, facing many formidable opponents along the way but proving an ideal combination for each other’s strengths: Jiwoo’s lightning-fast reflexes combined with Kayden’s inborn wisdom are an irresistible combination in defeating adversaries.

Manga’s art and story are outstanding, while characters all possessing distinct identities with individual struggles sets this title apart from other shonen titles. Furthermore, its art is clear and beautiful.

Eleceed is a relatively new series, yet already popular with readers. The next chapter is set for release on February 6, 2024 and promises an intriguing tale with unexpected turns and surprises.

As well as stunning art, this story features captivating characters who keep readers engaged throughout. Whether it’s Jiwoo’s cat-like abilities or Kayden’s otherworldly powers that keep the reader turning pages. Each character offers something distinct and interesting; their individual struggles add further dimension to this manga series.

Eleceed is an amazing fantasy and action manga series for any reader to enjoy; perfect for both fans of shonen manga as well as newcomers to shonen genre! The story is captivating while its art is sublime, making this an unmissable read! Don’t hesitate – grab Eleceed now!


Eleceed is an amazing manga featuring beautiful art, an engaging plot, and plenty of action. The plot follows Jiwoo Seo, a high school boy with supernatural abilities who uses them for good and is one of the fastest people alive – but never uses his speed maliciously; rather he helps everyone he can. Eleceed was written by Son Je Ho and illustrated by Zhena; packed full of exciting battles, peak humor moments and sweet bromance moments it is perfect for fans of cats, fantasy, or action fiction alike!

Eleceed Chapter 283 will hit shelves on February 6, 2024 and is anticipated to bring with it an exhilarating narrative, filled with surprises and twists that fans of this popular manga series are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The series has attracted an avid following due to its captivating storyline and engaging characters. Jiwoo, a high school student with supernatural powers, forms a special friendship with Kayden, an extraordinary street cat gifted with magical abilities. Together they face numerous challenges together while uncovering mysteries as they go.

Through the series, the main character wrestles with various emotions and doubts but remains steadfast in his determination to face challenges head-on. Additionally, Pluton provides invaluable support as she assists him during difficult situations. This manga’s narrative highlights characters’ growth while adapting to changing environments.

Eleceed is a Korean webtoon (manhwa) available both on Naver Webtoon (Korean) and WEBTOON (English). Developed by Son Je-Ho (author of Noblesse) and Zhena (illustrator for Girls of the Wild’s and Nineteen). New updates appear every Tuesday across both sites, featuring fantasy/action elements with an excellent 9/10 rating on WEBTOON.


If Eleceed captured your heart, there are other manga that will blow it. Manhwa comics offer action and fight scenes like their counterpart, shonen. However, manhwa takes on more of an intimate slice-of-life approach giving its characters more humanity.

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While Eleceed may be more of an action-packed story, this tale will captivate your heart and mind with its wonderful characters and artistic talent. Furthermore, its plot is unique making this must-read material for action/adventure fans of any age!

This manga features an engaging main character with extraordinary reflexes who’s all about saving the world one step at a time. He comes into contact with others possessing similar powers before being taught by Great Kayden (an intimidating secret agent with an orange cat sidekick) on how best to utilize his abilities. Expect this classic shounen superhero plot which will entertain and pump up adrenaline!

The Great Kayden is a powerful wizard with the power to transform into any animal he sees, living in a world filled with awakeners with special abilities like him. However, his unique ability often leaves him isolated; after being ambushed and injured by another awakener he is forced to team up with an endearing child with excellent reflexes who offers assistance. This humorous manga also contains mature themes for an enjoyable reading experience!

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